“We Moved a River” Acrylic, latex, silkscreen, collage

“Accumulate/Abandon” Acrylic, sawdust, crayon, maps

"All That Surrounds" Acrylic, Cheesecloth, Wild Grasses

"Uprooted, One Hundred Years" acrylic, string, acrylic photo transfer, latex

“High Water” Acrylic, latex, grass, string

“Uprooted” Acrylic, latex and Paper

"Crossroads: Parsons, Oberlin-Elyria, and Hamilton" Acrylic, latex, and string

"How Some are Protected" Acrylic, string, collage

“Residue” Acrylic, latex, inkjet, photo transfer, string, plant material

"What is Holding us Together" Latex, screenprint, Craft twine (artificial grass), and Wax with collage elements